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Privacy & Security

omniX labs know this is an important subject and we take it seriously. On both our website and machine learning platform, we only keep information you choose to give us and the information we need to make your experience better and richer. 

We give you control over the information you choose to disclose, and you can, at any given time, delete it or change it. All the data we have, we keep private, encrypted, and secure on our certified cloud servers. We follow the laws of all countries where we operate and follow GDPR requirements.

We do not and will not sell your data, individually or in aggregated form.

We do not store or have any facial recognition capabilities.

Secure Infrastructure_2x.png

Secure infrastructure

We live on Amazon's AWS and Google Cloud Platforms. These have some of the highest standards when it comes to performance, security and data protection.

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Feature Recognition

We don’t offer facial recognition, omniX detects features and attributes only of vehicles and people.

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Data Not Stored

We don’t store any of your video data. The machine learning inferences and analytics is shared only with our clients.


GDPR Compliance


Standards Compliant


Data Security

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