The Insights

All that's left is to implement the business needs in omniX.  These are then validated by you to ensure that the desired results are achieved. A conversation between you and your omniX labs Onboarding Engineer will ensure that your needs are adequately met.


Step 1: Define the Area of Interest for Each Camera

Typically, the Area of Interest (AOI) is a subset of the camera’s entire field of view (FOV).  For omniX to function optimally, the AOI must be defined accurately within the camera’s FOV.  If the AOI is undefined, omniX will process all the data for the entire FOV.


Step 2: Select What You Want to See

omniX has numerous feature models available for you to detect and measure what you want to see from your video feeds.  From vehicles and objects, to the age and gender of folks in front of the camera, our Onboarding Engineer will assist you in the setup that matches your requirements.

Step 3 (optional): Integrate Your Systems with omniX APIs

omniX provides a variety of APIs which can be used to integrate the omniX data with your existing systems.  If you wish to make use of this capability, consult with your omniX labs Onboarding Engineer.

Step 4: Validate the Output

Once a certain amount of sample data has been collected and audited from your camera(s), we will have you validate that it meets your expectations.

Step 5: Consume the Results

You’re up and running! All that’s left to do now is for you to make use of the insights being generated by omniX to support your business today and tomorrow.