Getting Started

Getting started with omniX is easy. You’re up and running in four simple stages:

omniX requires expertise from you, the customer, and your tech teams to ensure a quick and smooth implementation.


We collaborate with you to understand your insight needs and  ensure that we can deliver quickly, effectively and securely.

omniX is compatible with a wide variety of cameras. For optimal results, we recommend cameras with the following capabilities:

  • RTSP & H.265 support

  • Wide viewing angle - 120' or better

  • HD resolution - 1080p is usually more than sufficient

  • Ability to disable audio stream (if supported)

  • Weatherproof design (if your needs require outdoor cameras)

omniX consumes your videos in real time so we will need to work with your network team to ensure adequate bandwidth capacity is allocated.


In addition, we will also need you to grant us access to your video feeds, which are typically behind firewalls, routers and other network equipment.

omniX is where image recognition meets your business needs. At this stage, you as the customer validate the results and integrate the insights into your day to day operations.


Use the new insights to offer better experiences to your customers and make more informed decisions.